Sunday, January 27, 2013

Want to learn a new language?

Guide for the impatient:

Go to:
Learn something, translate, start understanding, document yourself.

Programmers, you have an API which is *free of charge* compared to others.


Probably you remember how you learned your first foreign language. You got a book, you read stuff from it, you memorized words, expressions, grammar rules etc.

After that the process started to flow normally, you engage in a conversation, learn other words, expressions etc.

It was a pretty selfish way of learning it, wasn't it? I mean everything that you learnt stayed with you, and things you've forgotten will usually be forgotten.

I believe that right now you can learn it in a modern way, leaving some contribution so that others and even you can benefit from it.

It's not unrealistic!

And from my experience I can tell you that there a lot to be learn from this experience.

I will offer, as an example, my experience as a Wikipedia contributor on some technical articles. I knew some things about what I should write but contributing implies:
  • extensive documentation from different sources which in the end is beneficial both for you and for the universal encyclopedia
  • a good explanation of the process
  • a deep understanding of the subject
The main question that people ask themselves is why bother? what do I gain from this?
  • You get feedback, which is by far the most important thing that's missing from most of our learning activities!
  • You compare your information with others
  • You'll be possibly defending your opinion by giving more arguments, which is again beneficial
Another similar example could be openstreetmap.

So go on an contribute to

Friday, January 25, 2013

Zapada jucausa

A fost perfect. Da' perfect!

Nici prea multa zapada sa te afunzi in ea dar nici prea putina sa dai de asfalt.

Bicicleta a facut drifturi nemaipomenite...

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Financial crisis in C programming language

for(;;) // main execution loop
    mem = malloc(needed_memory);
    if (NULL == mem)
         // this should never happen!

         // but guess what? It does... from time to time.

And the solution is to restart the program over and over again.

Sounds familiar?

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Neam penibil

De romani e vorba, ca de ei pot sa vorbesc.
Cum sa nu fii de acord cu omul asta? E el mai dur/radical, dar zice bine.
Pe langa faptul ca BOR is, ca de obicei, niste infecti.

Ideea e sa nu te compari cu romanii in general. Comparatia e buna doar pentru moral, dar o vei suge grav cand dai de realitate.