Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Turcia: Lustruitorul de pantofi

Mi-am adus aiurea aminte de o faza prin Istanbul cu un asa zis lustruitor de pantofi.

Ca sa scoata bani de la tine trecea pe langa tine si lasa o perie sa-i cada. Tu, ca om cu bun simt, ii zici ca i-a cazut ceva nu?

GRESIT! Abia mai scapi de el pana nu ii dai un ban, chiar poate deveni violent omu. Dupa ce am scapat de asta am mai mers ceva si am mai vazut faza asta facuta. De data asta am mers mai departe...

Experiment: Durata de viata a becurilor (III)

Se pare ca becul proaspat schimbat a crapat repede. Azi adica!

Schimbat cu Daniela deLux candle 40W clear.

O sa incerc sa fac o baza de date.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Experiment: Durata de viata a becurilor (II)

24 Februarie 2013: am schimbat un bec de la hota (becul din partea stanga).

Modelul noului bec: Bec hota, 40W, marca Hepol luat de prin Dedeman.

Am incercat si sa pun un bec normal la hota si s-a dus rapid. Deci e clar mai bine cu becuri speciale de hota.

2 inlocuiri in 2 luni, nu-i rau.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Xming replacement/alternative: VcXsrv

Lately I discovered that some software I used to run X applications on Windoze converted from open-source to quasi non-open-source software. It's about Xming whose latest free version is almost 6 years old. More to this they state on their commercial website (you'll find it, I won't make them too much publicity) that you need a "donor password" in order to download the latest versions of Xming. Ok, I understand, but fuck you too!

Luckily some people started a new project called VcXsrv which seems to be a good alternative to Xming.

So far it hasn't failed on me, so I think is a good enough free X server to be used on Windoze platforms.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Using meld under Windows with Tortoise HG (Mercurial)

Because meld (http://meldmerge.org/) is written in an interpreted language there may be some issues when trying to integrate it into mercurial.

Step 1
Go to this page: https://live.gnome.org/Meld/Windows and
a) install Python 2.7 if you don't have it
b) install PyGTK with PyGtkSourceView (for syntax highlighting)
c) download the meld archive (from this page or from http://meldmerge.org/)

The problem is that MELD_DIR\bin\meld is not recognized as an executable. To make it work with tortoise hg you need to do some voodoo trick like this one (source was this web site):

cmd.meld = C:\Program Files\Python27\pythonw.exe
opts.meld = \"c:\\Program Files\\Meld\\bin\\meld\"

To avoid that hack over there, which actually calls the interpreter, python, with the meld script as argument you can rename meld to meld.py.

Since python is installed meld.py is seen as an executable by windows (you double click on it and it runs). So the line before can be replaced by:

cmd.meld = c:\Program Files\Meld\bin\meld.py

In Linux you don't have this problem since meld has the executable bit set and this avoids all issues; of course you need to have python installed, which is a no brainer regardless of the Linux distribution.

Yeap ... Windows requires sacrifices.