Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Export the "Author" field in PDF file with OpenOffice/LibreOffice

I usually use OpenOffice/LibreOffice suite to export my documents to pdf. What concerned me was the fact that I didn't know why the author field didn't appear in the document properties though I had it configured.

Here are the steps to be done. They are based on this recent remark :

1. Start OpenOffice/LibreOffice (for this I used OpenOffice)
2. Go to "Tools/Options/OpenOffice/UserData" and fill at least the "First/Last Name" fields
3. After you have opened/created your document go to "File/Properties", make sure that the checkbox "Apply user data" is checked, and press "Reset" button. The "Created" property should be updated with date, time and your name (filled previously).

This was tested on: 3.2.1
OOO320m19 (Build:9505)
ooo-build, Debian package 1:3.2.1-11+squeeze4

but the same problem seems to be also on other versions of OpenOffice/LibreOffice (both Linux and W!nd0w$)

Other properties that will show in the PDF properties can be set from: "File/Properties/Description".


Paul Briggs said...

Thank you! Very helpful. I was missing the part where I had to click "reset."

abautu said...

Thank you. It helped me.