Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Python script to compute song's time position in youtube album

I saw the need for such script because of this video (see comments):

For me it is important to have the possibility to jump to the song that I want. I got the contents of that video from wikipedia:

I also needed to update the wikipedia page because the duration of a song was not the correct one (I got the correct duration from ).

I copied the data into the following text file (__DELAY__ was added by me to overcome some of the delays that were in the file compared to the mentioned songs duration).

Here is the input file (mainly copy paste and some delays added after checking):

CD 1
1. "Bulletproof Cupid"   2:22
2. "English Summer Rain"   4:01
3. "This Picture"   3:34
4. "Sleeping with Ghosts"   4:38
5. "The Bitter End"   3:10
6. "Something Rotten"   5:28
7. "Plasticine"   3:26
__DELAY__ 0:04
8. "Special Needs"   5:15
9. "I'll Be Yours"   3:32
10. "Second Sight"   2:49
__DELAY__ 0:03
11. "Protect Me from What I Want"   3:15
12. "Centrefolds"   5:02
__DELAY__ 0:01
CD 2
1. "Running Up that Hill" (originally by Kate Bush) Kate Bush 4:57
2. "Where Is My Mind?" (originally by Pixies) Black Francis 3:44
3. "Bigmouth Strikes Again" (originally by The Smiths) Johnny Marr, Morrissey 3:54
4. "Johnny and Mary" (originally by Robert Palmer) Robert Palmer 3:25
5. "20th Century Boy" (originally by T. Rex) Marc Bolan 3:40
6. "The Ballad of Melody Nelson" (originally by Serge Gainsbourg)   3:58
7. "Holocaust" (originally by Big Star) Alex Chilton 4:27
8. "I Feel You" (originally by Depeche Mode) Martin Gore 6:26
9. "Daddy Cool" (originally by Boney M.) Frank Farian, George Reyam 3:21
__DELAY__ 0:04
10. "Jackie" (originally by Sinéad O'Connor) Sinéad O'Connor 2:48

And you can find the (python) script on sourceforge in one of my dummy projects where I add useful pieces of code:


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