Sunday, May 18, 2008

I played laser tag yesterday ...

It rocks !
As you can see from the image above it has something to do with a vest and a gun. It is a game similar to paintball but far more interesting as you won't get any bruises (I don't find paintball very interesting as I'm not a masochistic).
The rules are pretty simple:
There are two teams (red and green for example) and you will fight each other until the match time expires(there may be other variants of this game but this is the one I played). If you get killed you will be 'inactive' for 5 seconds and after that you will again be active starting as invulnerable for 1 second(it may be different ...). The best team is the one that has more points. The idea is usually to kill as many as you can before you die :). It is usually played indoor in a dark room with a lot of places where you can hide. Each game lasts a certain amount of minutes (12 minutes in my case ...). After the game you will sweat like a pig because as you can imagine you will run *a lot*. The game is very very interesting and I can assure you won't get bored. You will run like a mouse in a maze pointing your laser to the "sensitive" points of your opponent, present on the player's vest.
I will try to convince our firm to make a teambuilding here :)

Here is the location, if you are from Bucharest.

I challenge you!

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